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Canna-Bliss Dispensary helps Oklahoma patients safely and discreetly access medical marijuana to address their health-care needs.

Oklahoma voters passed the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative on June 26, 2018 legalizing the medical marijuana across the state.


Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used to migraines, severe pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, seizures and more. It has also been used to ease the suffering of patients with terminal illnesses.

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Our Products

We offer a variety of medical marijuana products. We sell flowers which are suitable for cooking, steeping tea, vaporizing, or smoking. We also sell cookies, gummies, and vapes.

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About Us

We are a fully-licensed medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Oklahoma. We are dedicated to operating in compliance with Oklahoma state laws and regulations. Patient safety and well-being are our primary goals.